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Upgrade log - Песец

Jul. 1st, 2016

04:18 pm - Upgrade log

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Date:July 2nd, 2016 02:18 pm (UTC)
Egad! Y'need to go a-commenting on more entries out in LJ-land to remind people you're still around and what they're missing. ^_^

I'm in a bit of a browser shift myself. OmniWeb's been my primary since.. more or less 1994, when it was one of the first browsers, over on NextStep 3.3. But, predictably, people didn't want to pay for a browser, so around 2005 or so it went free, later jettisoning its own engine in favor of WebKit (given the huge and increasing work in maintaining an up to date HTML/JS core). That's all been fine, but, over the past year or two, even the very light maintenance mode work on it's all but ceased, and you can feel it sort of getting dusty, crashing now and then, and not quite handling some sites correctly.

Still, I do remain using it as a daily driver - I love its tabs, unequalled anywhere, its concept of workspaces is simple and refined, and yep, shortcuts like that are so easy to get used to.

Whilst Safari's not as elegant, there are niceties, like offering extensions, so AdBlock Plus and the like are an option (and increasingly useful, even if they don't seem to tackle the scourge of modal popups begging you to subscribe to the site's newsletter or take a survey), optional iCloud bookmarks, passwords, and history syncing, and absolutely rock-solid reliability. So I'm sort of split between the two, using Safari for places like LJ, where I really don't want a longer comment to be lost midway through (or indeed, upon submission, should the site briefly go unavailable, leaving the text entry field inaccessible to copying), and OmniWeb for more casual use, like flipping between my main workspace, and those containing TF sites, and the daily comics.

Virtualisation's wonderful stuff. I've been using either Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion for several years now (and Connectix's VirtualPC before then, back in yon PowerPC days), mostly for Windows XP or 7, as well as Ubuntu, which I recently bumped up to 16.04 LTE - just a straight, fresh installation. Still not sure whether upgrading a copy of my 7 VM to 10 will invalidate the 7's license, but it's not really a priority at this point.
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Date:July 3rd, 2016 04:54 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry I don't comment more, but there's only so many ways to say "Rotsa Ruck!" regarding your continuing job-search hassles.  Recently I went looking for new LJers who post about Linux.
      • liam_on_linux — maybe.
      • zaitcev — marginally interesting.
      • mjg59 — moved to Dreamwidth in 2012.
      • mdlbear — crossposts from Dreamwidth.
      • dougsland — too specialized for me.

I stayed with Opera for way too long after its corporate hijinks caused all Linux support to cease for awhile.  Why is there no FireFox add-on to do search-accelerators properly.

I *never* respond to those popups asking me to join a website that I'm visiting for the first time.  What are those programmers thinking?  The ones that wait until you scroll halfway through the article make a little more sense, but I never sign up for those, either.  Really, the site should give me a cookie on first visit, then say "Welcome back!" on second visit, then offer a membership on the 3rd day when I show up at their site.

It amazes me that you can simulate a computer inside a computer at near-full-speed.
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